About Us

Chamuyo Queer is organised by Colectivo Orquesta de Señoritas, a collective of SIX dissident, dyke and generally non-conformist women, who express through TANGO QUEER their revolution against patriarchy and heteronormativity.

Colectivo Orquesta de Señoritas

We also count on the inestimable contribution of Olaya Aramo, who introduced the Tango Queer in Spain and whose mmilonga ‘La Traviesa’ was the first milonga Queer in this country.

Olaya Aramo

And Dafne Saldaña, organiser of Tango Queer Barcelona.

Dafne Saldaña

They both inspired us to create. thanks for paving the way! 

For the classes that we offer to Beginners and Sailing in Milonga we have Lucas de BuenosAires. This versatile dancer learned tango in the purest porteño style and continues to explore and share that knowledge and passion. He has been a guest artist, instructor and recurrent performer at international festivals. He specializes in original and creative classes, such as World Cup Tango (Tango lessons from Fútbol), Can’t even Think Straight (Navigation for switch dancers), Boleos for Boys, What’s up with Biagi? and the well known First Steps to Tango Heaven in Berlin.

Lucas de BuenosAires

We dance it, we sing it, we touch it and we organise workshops, lessons and meetings where a feminist and queer atmosphere is promoted. A place of transformation, a place of non-theoretical revolution, a space free of sexist, transphobic and homophobic attitudes.