Dear chamuyerxs:

As communicated through social media, given the global situation we have no choice but cancelling ChamuyoQueer 2020. We waited just in case the situation changed in the last moment, and because we were thrilled about meeting you all to celebrate the happy ending of all of this madness. But it seems it is not over at all…

Please contact us via e-mail for refund. We hope that you understand that we cannot afford to pay Paypal taxes, so we will be refunding without Paypal and currency exchange rates spendings.

Making the decision of cancelling the Chamuyo was not easy because the organizers team is being working for months. We have decided not to pospone to a later date, because we have no certainty about when we will be able to go back to ‘normal’. Accordingly, we keep open the possibility to support the organization by donating the meeting’s fee, or part of it, if you would like to do so.

We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you are in good health, and we are deeply craving for meeting you and dance together again as soon as possible.

ChamuyoQueer 2019

We are considering the possibility of making an online meeting in order to participate in the discussion scheduled for ChamuyoQueer 2020.

We propose to join every sundays on May at 6:00 p.m. (Spain) to discuss the political and social repercussions that a lack of freedoms like this situation could lead to our tango, queer and dissident community.